Maboroshi Design is a Kobe based design group who believe that all design should be good design.

Of course everyone's opinion will differ as to what "good" means but to us it means the direct result of clear communication and involvement of the client in the creative process.

We love the challenge of pushing design to new levels or just tweaking what's already out there to give it a unique touch. To us that's good design as long as it clearly displays the client's choice, our creative skills, and it works.

Maboroshi, 幻, is a Japanese word with many subtle different meanings. It can imply extreme rarity, or a similarity between two things that is so close only the trained eye or creator would spot the difference. Those are just two meanings, but we feel that they apply to the modern design world, where a project can be a once off event or a series of events with slight differences that take careful observation to appreciate.

We feel this approach and process gives us the greatest freedom possible in design yet allows us to treat everything we do with the dedication and devotion needed to reach our goal:

good design